Oxford University Press has previously offered three online products for law students. Skills for Law Students and LPC Skills Online are no longer available to purchase, but existing users will be able to use the sites until their current term of access expires. LPC Accounts Online is no longer available for use.

Skills for Law Students

Skills for Law Students is a personalised, interactive website with an accompanying textbook, designed to give students the complete legal skills package to guide them through their degree.

  • Skills for Law Students includes clear, practical advice on how to develop key skills with over 170 interactive activities to test progress and to help students to put the theory into practice
  • Over 50 video clips add variety and interest to their learning, as well as enable them to see good and bad practice of some of the more practical skills
  • Immediate scores and feedback enable students to test their progress and diagnose their strengths and weaknesses
  • Covers over 30 key skills, such as writing good English; avoiding plagiarism; reflecting on work; finding and reading cases; answering problem questions; mooting; and many more

Authors: Helen Carr, Sarah Carter and Kirsty Horsey all from University of Kent
Price: £35.00
ISBN: 9780199532193
Editor: Helen Swann email helen.swann@oup.com
Enter site: www.oxfordinteract.com/lawskills

Online products for the Legal Practice Course

These products have been developed with the new LPC in mind and have been reviewed by LPC tutors throughout development.

LPC Accounts Online

LPC Accounts Online is no longer available for use.

LPC Skills Online

Five core skills must be covered on the LPC and the website is divided into these areas:

  • legal writing
  • drafting
  • interviewing and advising
  • advocacy
  • practical legal research.

Making full use of video and audio material, students are guided through over 60 varied and interactive exercises with feedback, which give them the opportunity to actively practise the skills in a range of contexts.

A further area of the site brings all of the skills together in a case study, enabling students to put each of the skills into action in a realistic and practical scenario.

Accompanied by a short text which outlines the key principles behind the skills and gives examples from practice, this all-in-one resource offers students an intensely practical and interactive environment in which to develop their skills.

Both products are designed to provide an innovative and engaging way to learn and practise. Lecturers can download a free guide to integrating LPC Skills Online into their courses here.

Author: Liz Polding and Jill Cripps, both of Oxford Institute of Legal Practice at Oxford Brookes University
Price: £39.99
ISBN: 9780199539369
Contact: Vocational Account Executive email voc.law@oup.com
Enter site: www.oxfordinteract.com/lpcskills

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